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The Motet
with Acorn Project opening
will perform in the Historic McDonald Theatre on

Saturday, December 28, 2013

The improvisational band The Motet will bring their breed of afro-beat, electronica, funk, and jazz fusion to the McDonald Theatre on Saturday, December 28, 2013. Electro-funk band Acorn Project, known for electro-funk grooves, psychedelic rock, and signature soundscapes, will open the concert.

All ages advance tickets are general admission and available now for $18 at all Safeway TicketsWest outlets, online at TicketsWest, and online at  Tickets day of show will cost $22.

The first 50 tickets sold on TicketsWest will cost only $15 until the inventory is sold!

Doors will open at 7 p.m.  The concert will begin at 8 p.m.

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Using the rich musical landscapes of Boulder and Denver Colorado as their muse, The Motet has mastered the delicate task of constantly reinventing their sound while staying true to their various roots. Founded in 1998 by Dave Watts, The Motet has become one of the best improvisational bands touring. Their ability to seamlessly fuse elements of afro-beat, electronica, funk, and jazz has led to a sound that defies categorization.

2013 brings a new sound to a familiar face in the national music community. With an astonishingly talented cast of musicians, The Motet has refined their sound and their vision into a dynamic and expressive improvisational force.

Founded and led by drummer Dave Watts, The Motet began almost thirteen years ago and hasn’t let up since. Featuring complex compositions written and arranged by Watts himself, the music tells a story through syncopated rhythms and melodies.

“I’ve always written parts for guitar, bass, horns, and percussion. Because they’ve all been created with a clave in mind, there’s a very specific way in which the parts interact,” explains Watts.

“That’s what gives the song its character. When we play live sometimes we’ll get into a groove, play the head, and then open up for solos. And all the while, everything is tied to the clave with everyone playing in it. That’s just one way you approach playing music with respect for it’s composition or tradition.”

As music and technology evolve at an astounding rate, so too has The Motet pioneered their unique sound while continuing to defy categorization. With roots in Jazz, Afrobeat, Funk, Salsa and Samba, The Motet keeps their audiences in a dancing frenzy by layering House and Techno rhythms into a style that is uniquely their own.




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